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No matter your age, gender or current health status, we will strive to provide you with the best care possible, within our scope of practice. Naturopathy is ideally suited to the treatment of a range of common health conditions. And we specialise in helping those without a diagnosis who just don’t feel well.

Digestive Health including IBS, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis

‘Gut’ health is hot right now…and rightfully so! The health of your digestive system can impact on every other part of your body. We use food, lifestyle practices, herbs and targeted supplementation to support clients experiencing constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, IBS, infections and autoimmune diseases of the digestive system.

Men’s Health including hormonal health and prostate concerns

Men may be apprehensive or embarrassed to see a naturopath about sexual and reproductive health concerns. We provide compassionate and confidential naturopathic support for men with hormone imbalance, sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain, urinary and renal conditions, and prostate issues including BPH and prostatitis.

Mental health including anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are debilitating conditions, and because they are unseen by those around you, it can be difficult to cope with the continuing demands of modern life. Naturopathic treatments including herbal medicines, lifestyle interventions and dietary inclusions are well studied in the management of these conditions.

Cardiovascular Health

The naturopathic management of heart disease, stroke and blood vessel diseases places emphasis on prevention using modifiable lifestyle and dietary interventions. Management of existing cardiovascular disease includes herbal and nutritional supplementation to address nutrient and mineral deficiencies, reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, and improve stress management.

Chronic Disease Management

Type 2 Diabetes is an increasingly prevalent condition that is significantly influenced by lifestyle factors. A Naturopath motivates patients to modify diet and lifestyle behaviours, manage stress levels, reduce disease complications, and improve quality of life. Many herbs and nutrients can be safely prescribed either alone or in combination with medications.

Autoimmune conditions

Autoimmune (AI) disease is incredibly  and is becoming increasingly common. There are a multitude of factors that influence the development of AI, . Naturopaths focus on the modifiable risk factors such as stress, digestive system health, along with environemental and dietary exposures, and we support you to worry less about the factors that you can’t control.

Women’s Health including PCOS, PMS and Hypothalamic Amenorrhoea

Symptoms relating to your period can last all month and include heavy flow, breast tenderness, pain, as well as mood and skin changes. Your periods may be too long, too short, or gone altogether. Naturopaths use herbal medicine, nutrients, lifestyle and dietary inclusions or adjustments to balance your hormones.

Renal and urinary health

Conditions of the kidney and urinary system, including infections, cystitis and kidney dysfunctions including stones, significantly impact upon quality of life. Naturopaths consider the many diet and lifestyle factors that impact functioning, and can address many specific symptoms using herbal medicines and specific supplementation.


get started

Initial Naturopathy Consultation (60min)

Amanda will spend about 45 minutes investigating your current health challenges, and she will help you to identify realistic goals for treatment. We will review any supplements and medications that you are currently taking. In the final 15 minutes we will create a treatment plan and prescription to suit your needs and budget.

Return Naturopathy Consultation (30min)

During the first 20 minutes we will review the successes and challenges from your previous consultation. Amanda will answer your questions and you can share your experiences. We will review any supplements that were prescribed. In the final 10 minutes we will amend the treatment plan and prescription as needed to move forward with your health improvement.

Extended Initial Naturopathy Consultation (90min)

Recommended for complex cases and clients with multiple diagnosed conditions. Amanda will conduct a detailed review of your health history and your current health challenges, including a thorough medication and symptom review. During the final 20 minutes, Amanda will help you to determine your goals, and will create with you an achievable treatment plan that can be initiated immediately. Individualised herbs or supplements may be prescribed based on your needs and budget. You will also receive a report within a specified period of time with Amanda’s detailed naturopathic analysis of your case, including dietary inclusions and lifestyle modifications, food intake analysis and pathology interpretation.

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